Historical Supply of Lapis LazuliThe Central Asian place of Afghanistan is not simply a war-torn nation, but is a place of attractiveness with a long and attention-grabbing heritage. Afghanistan stands amongst Asia and Europe and it is bordered by Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. The Hindu Kush Mountain Variety stretc… Read More

The abalone is a form of marine gastropod (sea snail) of the genus Haliotis (within the Greek for "sea ear") using an ear-shaped shell that includes a row of holes within the outermost edge. Because of their Latin name and shape, These are often called "ear shells". Like other marine gastropods, the abalone provides pearls. Normal abalone pearls ar… Read More

“Tribute to Femininity,” a retrospective showcasing legendary women and their jewels created with the Roman dwelling of Bulgari, opened final 7 days within the historic Kremlin Museums sophisticated in Moscow. It can be scheduled to operate to Jan. 13.Ms. Taylor’s necklace, now on Exhibit within the Bulgari retrospective in Moscow, has 16 pha… Read More